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Dr. Adam Conroy

Chicago, IL

Animal Care Clinic

Dr. Adam Conroy graduated from the University of Illinois in 2005 where he completed both his undergraduate and veterinary education. Upon graduation his goals were focused on becoming a proficient surgeon, practice owner and becoming a strong leader. To help accomplish these goals, Dr. Conroy went to work for Dr Dan Markwalder at Animal Care Clinic in Algonquin, IL. After 2 years of working closely with his mentor, Adam became a partner and went on to open 4 more locations over the next 15 years. Over that time he developed a strong passion for mentorship and leadership development. Those interests ultimately led him co-founding MarkRoy Consulting with his longtime business partner Dr. Markwalder. Together they traveled nationally performing lectures on the importance of customized mentorship and personal development. Based upon the feedback they received from these speaking engagements and consultation sessions they co founded two other companies, 7S Society and Vet Mentor Solutions. 7S Society was created to help empower veterinarians to live out their dream of becoming a practice owner. Vet Mentor Solutions was created as a catalogue of strategic mentoring videos that helps create confidence and adjunctive mentoring to veterinarians at all stages in their career. In 2020, Adam and his partners at Animal Care Clinic, strategically decided to partner their group of hospitals with a larger organization called Mission Veterinary Partners. This partnership has provided Adam a national platform to carry out his mission of creating the ideal mentorship, leadership and goal oriented experience for veterinarians. He continues to perform orthopedic surgeries weekly and adores his wife, 2 boys and 3 pups.

Topic #1: 5 year plan to financial success

Description: All vets will go through 3 landmark milestones post graduation, some will accomplish 4. In this talk we will breakdown all the advantageous things you can do PRIOR to graduation to have that RIGHT first job. We will discuss what your first year should look like (customized mentorship). Then we move onto the confidence years and caution this is where most vets get comfortable and stop growing. Finally we will discuss the fourth milestone- true financial freedom and work life balance. Everyone starts at the same starting point, unfortunately not all vets make it to the finish line. This is a how to guide !

Topic #2: The importance of goals and assembling the right team

Description: We will discuss Why tangible goals are so important, Why vets stop setting goals, and Why most vets don't accomplish these goals. Furthermore, we will explain why assembling a team of mentors and like minded individuals will be necessary and vital in your success.

Topic #3: The evolution of mentorship: real expectations of what mentorship should look like

Description: Mentorship is a phrase that has lost alot of its meaning. Every employer knows that young vets desire it, so everyone says they offer it. But how many employers truly do it well. It may surprise you, but not many. We will describe what real, customized mentorship should look like and how to find the job that will offer it. Don't settle for any "mentor" ...find YOUR mentor

Topic #4: Master the interview for mentorship and career success

Description: The interview is a two way street. You should be prepared to ask as many if not more questions than your potential employer. This is a how to guide to land that perfect job, or more importantly how to not end up in a dead end job

Speaker Fees: $200 (If virtual then free)


Phone: 815-382-4461


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