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Vice President

Veterinary Practice Division for Bank of America Practice Solutions

Alexandra Iosif is the Regional Sales Manager for Bank of America Practice Solutions’ division. She specializes in the Veterinary Practice space and provides creative financing for associates & business owners looking to acquire, start, or expand their own business. Alexandra has always been dedicated to providing the right solutions and an exceptional experience for her clients going through the transition process.



Alexandra Iosif


Her current role primarily focuses on providing financing solutions for veterinarians purchasing a practice- she works extensively with transition brokers, attorneys, CPA’s & consultants, and always is willing to help facilitate and introduce the right team to her clients for a smooth transition. She is often hosting transition seminars and other educational speaking engagements at various schools, conventions, societies & local events providing education in regards to practice ownership. Her eccentric personality and passion for this line of work is always shown in her dedication to helping clients fulfill their dream of owning a practice, and she is there every step of the way.


Alexandra’s education entails attaining a Finance degree from University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business. During her spare time, she enjoys contributing to local and national charitable organizations & providing education to recent graduates, prospective practice owners, as well as discussing exit strategies for established doctors looking to transition.

Topics Covered

Topic #1: All You Need To Know About Veterinary Transitions

Description: Whether you are looking to sell your practice in the near future, or want to look into practice ownership, this lecture if for you!   We will be deep diving into the exit strategies & options that a seller has to have a smooth transition including but not limited to where to begin, options, optimizing your practice and getting it ready for a smooth sale, along with what the ideal buyer looks like.   In addition, we will be deep diving into what a prospective buyer can do to get themselves financially in a position for a purchase , including but not limited to education in regards to their debt, cash flow, purchase options, and a smooth transition. This event will typically leverage a guest speaker who will be able to provide an insight on practice valuations , such as a practice broker as financial institutions cannot speak on behalf of valuations and will bring in an expert .


Topic #2: Blueprint To Success – Veterinary Startup Roundtable

Description: This seminar entails a roundtable with all of the parties that are involved in a startup transition.  Whether you are in a position to entertain a startup for the first time, or it is an additional location to grow your business, this seminar is for you. We will be leveraging the specialists in the market who specialize in providing every piece of the puzzle to bring the startup from a dream to reality.  This will include experts not limited to veterinary specific contractors, marketing partners, architects, equipment/supply specialist, attorneys, cpa’s, etc..  The value provided in this workshop is the power of the team that is needed to get a startup from a blueprint, to grand opening.

Topic #3: Roadmap to Veterinary Practice Ownership:  

Description: This seminar is specifically designed to provide education on all of the aspects of a transition of purchasing an established practice.  This will entail looking at acquisition options such as associate buy in, associate buy out, partnerships, expansions, etc. . We will deep dive into all of the avenues that are addressed to have a smooth transition, including but not limited to seller/buyer transition plan, cash flow analysis, buyer business acumen, preparing the buyer financially of what it takes to purchase and engaging the right partners to get to the finish line.  Some of the professional guest speakers may include veterinary specific attorney to discuss the legal aspect of contracts and leases, cpa who will look at the numbers from a different lens, and a practice broker to speak on behalf of where to even start your practice search.


Note: Alexandra is eager to provide education in the veterinary market as there are doctors who don’t know where to begin, and she can be that resource they need to get started to get their dream of owning a veterinary practice into a reality.  She is open to tailoring different events and seminars to fit the audience as someone may see fit.

Speaker Fees: Please contact for more information

Phone: 9494459472

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