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Wilmington , OH

Brittany A Koether DVM, LLC and TeleVet

Dr. Koether is a 2015 graduate who opened a sole member LLC in February of 2018. This has taught her what it takes to start a business personally. She has also been a part of a startup company called TeleVet since she was in veterinary school! She has watched the company grow, fail and achieve success! There are many conversations regarding telehealth recently and its an interesting area for veterinary students to consider!

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Topics Covered

Brittany Koether, DVM

Topics #1: Transitioning from vet school to the real world

Description: Discuss startups, opening your own business, being new to a practice, the importance of culture and fit, internships, telehealth, etc .

Speaker Fees: Travel cost, hotel, $500 to speak


Phone: (203)-927-0533

Website: N/A

Topics #1: Effective Veterinary Team Communication : A key to building a team

Description: Success in your career (regardless of your role on the veterinary team) comes from effectively communicating. There is no one greater skill that will boost your career and job satisfaction. As a new veterinarian, how do you engage and establish a relationship with the team, allowing for trust, synergy and teamwork? Together we will dive into components of team communications.

Topics #2: It takes a TEAM to offer extraordinary veterinary care

Description: Veterinary team members are formally trained, eager and passionate. Get the team rowing in the same direction to offer the best possible care for the patient and pet parent. Together we will discuss trust, training and communication being key components in team satisfaction and patient care.

Topics #3: Leveraging your DYNAMIC veterinary team!

Description: Let's talk veterinary team dynamics, services and profitability! You just landed your first job in a veterinary hospital. GOOD FOR YOU! Now, how will you amp up and be as productive as you possibly can be? How will you generate the services you need to, provide the best possible care, be an asset and profitable? Together we will identify time management tips, learn more about team leveraging, delegation and how to impact the bottom line. You are now a part of a team; lead through example and flourish

Topic #4: "I'm not in it for the money," exploring limiting beliefs and behaviors related to money

Description: What are your beliefs about money setting you up for failure? It is good to identify your personal relationship with money and how to manage it. Money is neither good or evil, it is a tool, but you may have unconscious ideals that will not serve you in your career as a veterinarian. While exploring and defining limiting beliefs we may touch upon behaviors you never knew existed. Then we will outline how to retrain your brain to help you reach your goals in financial stewardship

Topic #5: Job Seeking Tips for Veterinary Professionals

Description: Whether you are new to working within the veterinary community or not, there are a few tips and tricks that may help you land the ideal position at the best veterinary hospital for YOU. First, you may need to do some soul searching to determine your personal and professional values. Then consider what you are seeking in your career within the veterinary practice (i.e., what will make or break “the deal”). Finally, set expectations on what to identify for the interviewing process. Let's get candid and be honest about "red flags" in the hiring process. Your first job past college can make or break you. Let's set you up for success!

Speaker Fees: It is best to reach out to me to determine possible sponsorships and support. Options may exist to offset honorarium and travel expenses. In the past, industry partners have paid for all or part of of the programming. Let's work a deal! Let's get creative to make this happen.


Phone: (303)-717-6224


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