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St. Louis, MO

The Social DVM, LLC


Dr. Caitlin DeWilde is a practicing veterinarian and founder of The Social DVM, a small consulting firm devoted to helping veterinary practices manage and grow their social media and online reputation. She has partnered with small and large animal veterinary practices, national industry groups, non-profit organizations, and individual veterinarians to create practical yet creative strategies to succeed online and in practice.  She is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine where she was co-president of her VBMA chapter. She is also an alum of the AVMA's Future Leaders Program. In her free time, she enjoys travel, photography, and of course, the many hilarious corgi and cat-related videos on social media.  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Page Handle: @thesocialdvm


Topic #1: A Leap of Faith: The Journey to the Next Big Opportunity

Description: This presentation was given at the 2018 National meeting, about how we envision our career paths to be ladders, but they often end up as jungle gyms. My advice on how to take the leap to the next rung, and what to do if you fall off.

Topic #2: Adding Value as an Associate.

Description: Using your digital know-how and being social media savvy can bring a great deal of value to your practice outside of your normal production. Learn how to put your skills to work for you, your negotiations, and building up your clientele. Add value to not only your practice, but your role within it.

Topic #3: Responsible Social Media Use

Description: We'll discuss responsible social media use for the veterinary student, the practicing veterinarian, and the practice itself.

Topic #4: How to Use Social Media without Crashing Your Work-Life Balance

Description: How to use social media, personally, professionally, and on behalf of your practice in reasonable ways. Learn ways to identify your time spent, make the goals, and utilize tools to stick to them and work efficiently. Avoid the depression, anxiety and burnout that comes with social media addiction.

Topic #5: Social Media Workshop

Description: Bring your computers and we'll walk through how to set up a Professional/Public figure veterinarian account on Facebook, tweak your personal profile to make sure it's prospective employer-friendly, and cover the basics of LinkedIn.

Speaker Fees: $1000 speaker fee plus travel/hotel expenses

Phone: 3148084045

Dr. Caitlin DeWilde

Topics Covered

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