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Conroe, Texas

Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center

Dr. Pettyjohn graduated from Kansas State University of Veterinary Medicine in 2006 with ambitions in equine medicine that took her to Iowa, Virginia and Texas. After a few years, she realized small animal medicine suited her best and allowed her to pursue my dream of owning a practice (or multiple practices). She purchased her first practice in 2012 and recently opened a second location in an 8500 sq ft facility that also includes a Pet Resort. Dr. Pettyjohn has come to love many aspect of her career including dermatology and dentistry as well as orthopedic surgery. Business has always been a passion of hers and she is blessed to be able to be a veterinarian, a business owner, a wife, and a mother of two wonderful children.


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Dr. Cassi Pettyjohn

Topics Covered

Topic #1: Internship vs Associate Position

Description: The number one question coming out of veterinary school is: Should I take an internship or should I take a job in Private Practice? What are the benefits of both? What do I want out of my career? All topics will be covered with a look into the future on how this decision can affect you financially and professionally.


Topic #2: The Future of Veterinary Medicine

Description: As a private practice owner we are seeing corporations buying up a lot of our industry. The private practitioner is becoming less and less while the specialists are becoming more abundant. We will discuss how this will affect your decision now and what veterinary medicine will be like in the future.

Topic #3: Where to invest your money to succeed

Description: You are about to start your life. It's time to think about how to make your money work for you. Do you pay off your student loans first? Do you invest? Do you buy a house? The answers are here for you!

Topic #4: Ownership vs Non Owner DVM

Description: While there are many benefits of owning a practice, it is not for everyone. We will discuss what it really means to own a practice and what the pros and cons are. There are many advantages to being an associate as well. You need to think about what fits in your life.

Topic #5: What do your clients expect of you?

Description: The first day of being on your own is a scary thought, but it doesn't have to be scary. We will talk about what you think your clients want vs what your clients really expect of you.

Speaker Fees: Dr. Pettyjohn does not mind covering the costs herself to help a chapter out, but if a chapter does have the funds to contribute for travel or hotel then that would be beneficial.


Phone Number: 817-964-5646


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