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Tim Schoenfelder

Topics Covered

Knoxville, TN


Tim Schoenfelder is a high-energy entrepreneur experienced in building both foodservice and franchise management businesses since 1982. He excels in the areas of leadership and training, marketing, and business development as well as franchise management. Tim is a polished professional who has earned the respect of colleagues, superiors and employees alike. He has a passion for people, building relationships and finding innovative solutions to guarantee excellence in bottom line business performance. His versatility and ability to find innovative yet practical solutions to operational, marketing and sales challenges make him a formidable part of any management team, independent venture or partnership.

Topics #1: Owning Your Own Clinic

Description: Exploring Affordable, Easy Ways To Be The Owner of a Clinic.

Topics #2: Leadership

Description: How to Be an Effective Leader That Others Will Follow.

Topics #3: Eliminating Student Loan Debt

Description: Ways to Eliminate Your Debt After Graduation.

Topics #4: Communication

Description: How to Communicate Effectively and Be a Great Motivator.

Topic #5: Teamwork

Description: How to Build and Unify a Strong Team

Speaker Fees: No fees required. It would be his pleasure to attend.


Phone: 865-805-5158


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