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Alexis Wells, CVPM

Fairlawn, VA

Veterinary Growth Partners

I have been in the veterinary industry for over 14 years and am a Senior Practice Coach with Veterinary Growth Partners. I love working with veterinarians and veterinary leaders to help their practices thrive and enjoy speaking at nationwide seminars, creating and delivering webinars, and giving management tips through “Hump Day Help” live videos. In January 2019, I received the industry’s highest distinction for veterinary managers, Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. I also holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, I continue to expand my knowledge base, staying on the cutting edge of the field to provide the highest level of coaching that I can. I am passionate about teaching finances and mentoring leaders to building thriving careers.

Topic #1: Making Cents of Practice Finances

Description: The purpose of this presentation is to provide an understanding of financial statements and how to properly evaluate them. Discuss the benefits to an organized chart of accounts, key performance indicators, and budgeting for a veterinary practice. Learn how to utilize this information on a regular basis to make sound financial decisions for the practice.

Topic #2: Increasing Revenue through Identifying Compliance Gaps

Description: Determine possible compliance gaps in your practice and the importance of communicating value, delivering effective recommendations and client education. Learn how standard operating procedures and standards of care can increase your overall compliance and provide best patient care. Understand the importance of reducing missed charges, forward booking and lost client recovery in increasing revenue and compliance.

Topic #3: Evaluating Expenses, Hidden Costs, and What to Do About it.

Description: Learn on how to evaluate a profit and loss statement for a better understanding. Understand the importance of industry benchmarks for expense categories. Discover some hidden costs that can wreak havoc on a practice’s finances and cash flow if not planned for. Learn how to create action plans to better control expenses.

Topic #4: Work Life Harmony: How to Balance Your Career for a Happy, Healthy Life.

Description: Work-life balance implies a competition or a trade-off so that the opposite sides are balanced. In reality, each aspect of life and work combine providing “notes” that come together harmoniously in which one complements the other, leading to an enjoyable result. Determine what work-life harmony means to you and the importance of balancing your career and a happy, healthy life. Learn how to recognize when one of the “notes” is out of tune, and various strategies to re-establish harmony.

Topic #5: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Combating Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Description: Learn how Emotional Intelligence can play a strong role in combating compassion fatigue and burnout. Understand how Improving self-awareness and practicing self-management techniques can be a powerful tool to improve coping mechanisms.

Speaker Fees: Rate negotiable. Travel costs, hotel


Phone Number: 540-315-1176

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