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Dr. Lauren Stump

Washington, DC

Nestle Purina


Dr. Lauren Stump is a Veterinary Communications Manager with Nestlé Purina PetCare and enjoys sharing information on companion animal nutrition and medicine with veterinary audiences across the country. In addition to experience as a companion animal general practitioner, Dr. Stump has an interest in public policy and previously worked for a U.S. Senator as well as in Government Relations at the American Veterinary Medical Association.



Topic #1: Companion Animal Nutrition

Description: Can cover a variety of topics pertinent to canine and feline nutrition, please reach out if interested in discussing.

Topic #2: Nestle Purina and working as an industry veterinarian

Description: Career as an industry veterinarian and Nestle Purina.

Topic #3: Veterinary Real Estate

Description: Understand commercial real estate transactions and where these might fit related to veterinary hospitals. Also understand the tax code related to real estate ownership.

Speaker Fees: No fees

Topics Covered

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