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Dr. Tierra Price

Los Angeles, CA

Black DVM Network


Dr. Tierra Price is a recent graduate of Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, where she served as Vice President of her class and President of the Women’s Veterinary Development Leadership Initiative. She is currently a Community Medicine veterinarian in Los Angeles, California, but has a wide variety of veterinary interests including emergency/critical care, surgery, public health and lab animal medicine. As a veterinary student, in 2018, Dr. Price founded BlackDVM Network, a community that connects Black veterinary professionals for mentorship and advancing veterinary medicine. This safe space provides educational and networking opportunities for its members as well as a sense of belonging. Dr. Price’s commitment to highlighting Black veterinary professionals is directly related to her desire for a mentor she could identify with. In her free time, she loves dancing, yoga, reading and soaking up the sun. Most importantly, Dr. Price believes we should be able to show up as our entire selves in our career. She hopes to inspire others with her drive, authenticity and confidence to boldly take on challenges in veterinary medicine.



Topic #1: Lessons Learned: Starting an Organization from Scratch

Description: Lessons Learned touches on aspects of starting a business or organization that aren't routinely discussed. This includes organizational skills and soft skills such as forming a team, productivity, and sparking creativity.

Topic #2: The Contagious Culture of Inclusivity

Description: Veterinary medicine is known for its historic lack of diversity. The movement is to make vet med more diverse and that's a huge task that will be accomplished over many years. But we don't need to wait years for that change. We have the power, right now, to support everyone in our profession by being more inclusive. Inclusivity is not just a descriptor, but a way of life- it is our mindset, our interactions, and our delivery. The best part about inclusivity, it's contagious. After this session, participants will be able to: - Define and understand the difference between diversity and inclusion - Identify ways to initiate being inclusive in their workplace - Discuss ways to shift the culture of a workplace to be more inclusive

Speaker Fees: $1000 honorarium + travel/hotel costs

Topics Covered

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