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Dr. Misti May Smith

McPherson, KS

Southview Veterinary Hospital and Do You Doc 


I am a 1993 graduate of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I worked as an associate veterinarian, relief veterinarian, and in the veterinary industry before purchasing Southview Veterinary Hospital in 2002. This small animal practice has grown and now has two additional associates in McPherson, Kansas. In 2017, I started Do You Doc, a professional coaching business. It is my passion to help others find joy and financial success in veterinary medicine. My style is positive, yet honest. Vulnerability to share both my successes and failures connects me with my clients and audiences. I have experience with small groups and also lead weekend retreats. My approach is fun and interactive and leaves participants inspired to find their own success.



Topic #1: Buy, Buy, Buy

Description: Owning a practice creates such opportunities for personal freedom and financial rewards. I like to share my unique ideas on practice ownership that created financial success while also balancing family my life. You can have both!

Topic #2: Do You Doc

Description: The most important piece of professional success is to make sure that one is honest about who you are and what makes you successful. This presentation will guide participants into finding the answers to what drives their passions. This is can be a short presentation that presents an outline for work to be completed later or can take several sessions to define specific passions for participants. The biggest piece is to learn to "DO YOU" but we must know exactly who that is.

Topic #3: Beyond Graduation

Description: When I graduated, I felt like I knew enough information to be dangerous. Although I think that the veterinary educational process has improved, we still have so many topics that are daily challenges and never in the curriculum. This presentation can be a prepared list of topics such as angry clients, negotiating contracts and benefits, euthanasia challenges, office politics, leadership, debt literacy, etc. However, it is always nice to hear from audiences the topics that are on their minds. It has been my experience that most professional stress has nothing to do with the information we learned in school, its the other stuff that keeps us up at night. Talking openly and candidly about such topics can bring awareness and solutions before they are overwhelming.

Topic #4: Career Transitions

Description: Students and seasoned practitioners may come to a point where careers undergo change. This presentation focuses on the reasons for a job change vs. a career change. Comparing healthy and unhealthy reasons for career transitions can make one know which direction to take. This presentation can be for veterinary students who are contemplating such decisions as academia vs. practice; corporate vs. private practice; industry vs. government, etc.

Topic #5: Be a Boss

Description: This is a presentation that looks at styles of leadership. If you are not a boss, then you have a boss. All of us can become better leaders under a boss or while becoming a boss. Leadership styles are prevalent, but this presentation applies leadership styles to common scenarios that veterinarians face. Learning from great leaders can be quite empowering! I will share some of the best resources that I use to help me facilitate practice ownership.

Speaker Fees: I would like to be reimbursed for my travel expenses. For students I will not charge a speaking fee at this time.


Phone: 620-242-3480

Website: or

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