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Kurt Smith

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Portland, OR

Cedar Rock Solutions 

Kurt Smith has over 25 years experience in managing and consulting for veterinary practices. He has earned his MBA in Healthcare from Oregon Health Science University. He founded his consulting firm, Cedar Rock Solutions in 2018 and is consulting for a variety of specialty, corporate and private practices.



Topic #1: Understanding Financial Statements

Description: This presentation simplifies the process of how to organize, read and understand the financial statements. This presentation caters to veterinarians who are new to ownership or management roles and would like to have a better understanding of practice finances.

Topic #2: Strategic Planning in the Veterinary Practice

Description: This is an interactive presentation on how organizations move from Strategic Thinking to Implementation. The presentation reviews several case studies, approaches and situations, and the results. Strategy often fails not because it was a poor idea, but often because of poor planning and implementation. This presentation is ideal for anyone who is a key stakeholder in the veterinary practice.

Topic #3: Getting Meaningful Results by Using Key Metrics

Description: This topic covers the key performance indicators (KPIs) typically used by veterinary practices, and how to track and use them. Benchmarks for healthy practices will be covered as well as how to set performance goals. The presentation will focus on where to avoid 'analysis paralysis' and team disengagement by being too focused on the numbers.

Topic #4: Performance Improvement Culture

Description: This is a discussion on how to develop a culture of performance improvement and safety in the veterinary hospital. The topic covers well researched and proven methods in healthcare - and how they can be implemented in the veterinary team. The topic will cover psychological safety, PDSA cycles, communication and engagement.

Speaker Fees: $400 to $750 per speaking engagement plus travel expenses.

Phone: 15037780753

Topics Covered

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