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Dr. Lance Roasa

Omaha, NE

Dr. Lance Roasa is a 2008 graduate of Texas A&M, He has owned a mixed animal practice in Colorado, practiced for Banfield in Phoenix and now own a group of practices in Nebraska where he performs orthopedic surgery. He is also an attorney and helps hundreds of veterinarians with their employment contract every year. He has started to help veterinary students and veterinarians learn more about legal, business and medical topics. He speaks in the curriculum at 14 veterinary schools, so many times he can save money on travel, because he is already on campus. He is also a national co-adviser for the VBMA and has dedicated his career to helping veterinary students get the business and legal education that they need!



Topic #1: The Art and Science of Negotiations

Description: In this highly interactive session, we will teach your chapter how to negotiate effectively and give them the tools to earn a extra $5,000-$10,000 in their first year out of veterinary school. This is taught from the perceptive building a strong relationship with the employer and specially address negotiation strategy for women.

Topic #2: Business Leadership for Veterinarians

Description: No matter their job title, a veterinarian is a leader within their organizational team upon graduation. Leadership skills used in business fields are deep and diverse, but rarely taught in veterinary medical training. Most veterinarians in private practice stumble around business leadership using ineffective communication, poor leadership strategy and outdated motivation techniques. In this discussion we will explore leadership needs and styles among veterinarians as well as discuss employee motivation techniques for the team around you. Successful businesses are based on highly motivated and skilled employees; business leadership is essential training for successful veterinarians.

Topic #3: How do Veterinarians get Paid?

Description: Veterinary association compensation plays a major role in our employment relationships, but many don’t fully understand the mechanics of the compensation scheme. Understanding the theory behind the money flow and the incentivization methodology will help both employers and employee perform better in their roles. The discussion will specifically address salary, base or production, base and production, Pro-Sal, straight production, profit sharing and other common compensation packages. The presenter will use his experience as a former associate, current practice owner and contract attorney to teach the pros and cons of the packages, and help you create the ideal compensation package.

Topic #4: Knowledge is Power: Using Facts to eliminate the Gender Gap

Description: Gender inequality is real in veterinary medicine, just as in other professions and careers. Pay inequality will not “go away” on it’s own and requires disruption by those affected. You can help close the pay gap by knowing the facts, statistics and biases and putting them to use in your contract and salary negotiations. This session is taught by a veterinary practice owner, veterinarian and attorney who has hired, managed, and fired male and female veterinarians, and negotiated countless veterinary salaries. This interactive and thought provoking discussion is designed to teach you how to overcome the biases that can be affect female veterinary associates and earn more.

Topic #5: Practice Ownership: You can make it happen!

Description: Veterinarians wishing to purchase a practice or start a practice will be guided through the search, valuation, negotiation, closing and transaction process. The discussion will examine common mistakes, traps, and also opportunities. The presenter will use his experience as a practice buyer, seller, and transactional attorney that commonly works through the transition process. Particularly addressed are the cash-flow requirements and financial aspects of the practice negotiation.

Speaker Fees: $1,500 plus travel expenses. Sponsorship may be available

Phone: 2547601131

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