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Debbie Boone

Gibsonville, NC

2 Manage Vet Consulting


Debbie Boone began her training in business management and the care of clients while growing up in her family ’s restaurants. She laughingly jokes “her parents were firm believers in child labor ” so she started working with the public at the ripe old age of twelve. A love of animals led her to a degree in Animal Science from NC State University. To get her foot in the door to her dream job, she began her career in veterinary medicine as a part time receptionist in 1985. Her business, retail & hospitality background quickly moved her into the position of hospital administration. She managed multi-doctor, multi-location AAHA accredited hospitals for 23 years. Her rather unique skill set includes experience with small animal, mixed animal, specialty, emergency and shelter management. She has been involved in building multiple hospitals from planning to open house.

Her talents as a trainer & speaker have been utilized both locally and nationally. She is the instructor for Patterson Veterinary Supply ’s Customer Service and Communication Skills class where she has trained thousands of veterinary team members all over the US in superior service and inspired them to live a life of purpose as a champion for animals. She loves teaching and making a difference in the lives of her students.


Debbie was a member of the former Greenies Oral Health Advisory Council which worked to educate practices on the importance of patient oral care and how to get better compliance from clients for dental services. She has spoken at local, state and national meetings such as the NCVMA 2013, AAHA, Western States Conference and the Mid West Conference. She co-authored a book on creating monthly paid preventative care plans which is in the process of publication.


Debbie's business, 2 Manage Vets Consulting, focuses on partnership with practice owners. She helps teams develop extraordinary communication skills leading to heighten patient care. She also coaches supervisors in sound business practices and leadership skills which increase profits, practice value, team engagement and reduce staff turnover.


Her articles have appeared in the VHMA newsletter, Firstline , DVM 360 online, In- sight newsletter, Veterinary Team Brief, Veterinary Economics and DVM magazines. She has been extensively quoted in AAHA’s Trends. She is a member of the VHMA, AAHA, (VetPartners pending) and multiple veterinary business and management groups. She is certified in customer service (CCS) and is a CVPM.


Her mission is to guide veterinary teams to be great communicators - much like a stone causes ripples moving outward in a pond - and then those team members will be able to influence pet owners to accept great veterinary care. She encourages her students to get involved in their community and to teach people the importance of seeing a veterinarian for the proper care of their pets.


Leadership and Mission

Gaining Compliance

Understanding Personality Types

Developing Dental Care Advocates in your Practice

Customer Service

Inventory Management

Online Pharmacies

Are you Tough Enough to Practice?


Speaker FeesHonorarium of $500 per one hour presentation with reimbursement for travel expenses.



Phone:  3362805086




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