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Byron Farquer

Oakdale, CA

Simmons and Associates

Byron S. Farquer, DVM is a Boettcher Scholar, and graduated from Colorado State University with honors in 1991 possessing both a BS and Doctorate Degree.

He completed a research project in equine orthopedics, assisted in the development of academic programs for use in the veterinary graduate training program at CSU Food Animal Department, and received additional education in enterprise budgeting and analysis at the College of Animal Sciences-CSU prior to entering private practice. His portfolio of experience includes veterinary hospital ownership, advanced business, real-estate, and brand marketing education, as well as certification in business appraisals. He is a recognized expert in ownership transition, practice management and valuation. He is a frequent national lecturer and published author. His topics include business development and structuring, practice financial analysis and profitability, professional image, ownership transition, and strategic business planning including mergers and alternative exit strategies. Currently Dr. Farquer owns two Simmons & Associates practice appraisal and brokerage firms located in Nevada and California, and serves on a number of industry advisory boards. He is the founder of a practice management educational company SmartStart Practice, LLC in Portland, OR that improves profit performance for small business owners. He is a content advisor for a national medical education network, emebaVet, LLC, and the COO and developer of a national veterinary lenders resource website as well as an original Charter Member of the Association of Veterinary Practice Management Consultants and Advisors now known as Vet Partners. He holds the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), certification by NACVA. The only business valuation credential which is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Topic #1: Your Career and options beyond clinical medicine: your next 30 years -  

Description: This lecture illustrates numerous options for the DVM including practice ownership, consulting, management, speaking, industry, media, entrepreneurialism (starting your own company/ventures).  It is designed for veterinary students and new graduates, with the goal of enlightening them on the many and vast opportunities for DVM’s beyond clinical medicine.  Case studies are used throughout to illustrate real-life success stories.

Other topics covered:

Entrance Strategies

Buying and Selling

You're a Great Doctor, So What!

Facilities: Good, Bad and the Ugly

Veterinary Product Marketing

Branding: Building a Nike Practice

Fifteen Minute Financial Physical

Nothing Wrong with my Practice

7 Really Dumb Things Managers Do

Exit Strategies

Merging Practices

Alternative Exit Strategies

No-Lo Practices

State of the Vet Industry

What Creates Value in a Practice

Why Buy a Practice?

If You Build It, Will They Come?

What Business Are You In?

Why Become an Owner or Partner?

How to Market Your Services

First Break All the Rules

Surviving or Thriving in Management?

Uncompromising Quality and Service

Going from Good to Great

Veterinary Entrepreneurism

Advanced Marketng for Troubled Times

The Power of You - Empowering the Vet

It Started with a Paper Cut: Stop the Bleeding from OTC Sales - inventory management, addressing over the counter product sales

Veterinary Real Estate - Lease or Buy?

Improving Valuation Equal to One Year's Gross

Case Studies in Selling a Practice

How to Achieve the Financially Healthy Practice

Products: A crucial step to client happiness and practice profit

Worth Fighting For: Parasiticides and Preventive Care

Your First 6 Weeks of Ownership - Triumph or Tragedy?

Howdy Partner - Creating Partnerships in Business

Marketing Your Practice Like a Teenager

New Technology for the Business Office


Speaker Fees: Speaking fee can usually be covered by the Simmons Educational Fund, including travel. Mr. Farquer just needs to submit a request in advance for approval.
Phone: 2098452088  or  8773151954


Topics Covered

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