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Dr. Mark Russak

Berlin, CT

Nutmeg Veterinary Consulting


Dr. Russak earned both his bachelor’s degree and DVM from Colorado State University, and his certificate in veterinary practice administration from the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University. Dr. Russak retired from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010, after teaching there for seven years. While there, he served as an assistant clinical professor in the primary care service and, director of student affairs. His teaching emphases were in the areas of the art and business of veterinary practice, leadership, and communication. Before the move to academia, he owned a multi-doctor AAHA practice in Kensington, Conn. for nearly 25 years. Dr. Russak was inducted into the Phi Zeta National Veterinary Honor Society in 2008 and has received several distinguished awards throughout his career, including the MSU-CVM Deans Award for Excellence in teaching. He is a recent AAHA past president, a current Member of the International Council for Veterinary Assessment (formerly NBVME )and board member of the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). He is heavily involved in his community and other professional industry organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) and local Veterinary Medical Association chapters and organizations. He is credentialed as a Certified Veterinary Journalist and has hosted several radio pet care shows as well as a TV show. Dr. Russak has authored numerous lay and professional publications and has presented over 125 personal and professional success seminars at veterinary schools and professional meetings throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe. His passion is career development and developing success skills of veterinary students, recent graduates and seasoned practitioners.


Topic #1: Internships and mentorship’s. The myths and realities. (1.5 Hrs.)

Description: No other presentation presents the facts and realities in this eye opening manner


Topic #2: Introduction to the AAHA/Vet Partners Mentorship Toolkit. (1 hr.)

Description: Looking at the new mentorship program and how to use it and why


Topic #3: Choosing a Practice (1.5 Hrs.)

Description: Keys to practice choice including, evaluating what is the “right fit”, red flags, finances etc. etc.


Topic #4: Developing the million dollars plus practice…. without the Million-dollar building (2.0-2.5 hrs.)

Description: Real world tips and insights related to high tech-hi touch customer service and professional and financial success


Topic #5: Mastering the exam room-the keys to allowing you to practice great medicine and surgery and increasing client compliance/ adherence. (1.5-2 hrs)
Description: Good Medicine is good for the pet the client and for the bottom line...only if the clients lets you do what the pet needs and deserves!


Topic #6: Combination of exam room mastery / practice developing talk (About 4.0 hrs)


Topic #7: Communication in The Exam Room...Getting the Client to Yes…(1.5-2hrs)

Description: You do not get to put into practice your medical and surgical skills without the client's permission. ...the key to that happening is communicating with the client to establish trust, understanding and bonding. A client that understands what you are doing, why you are doing it and trusts you this will help you to get the client to "yes". 

Topic #8: "Everything (or at least a lot) you need to Know About Veterinary Business, Finances and Management." (1 -1.5 hrs)

Description: Put your veterinary business knowledge to test. Does the thought of “performance based compensation” make you uneasy? What does your average transaction cost need to be to and how many appointments do you need to see each day to justify an $80,000 salary? …. This is NOT a lecture! This is an interactive discussion and quiz (no pressure)!


Topic #9: Ethical and Moral Practice decisions…interactive real case discussions (1 hr. +)


Topic #10:  A primer of Basic financial concepts of companion Animal Practice (1-1.5 hrs)


Topic #11: The case for diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary medicine. (1 hour)


Topic #12: “Practice success in ANY economy…. tips and plans to help pave the road to an outstanding practice.” (2-3 hrs)

Description: A review of the current state of the veterinary economy and action plans for practice success. 

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Speaker Fees: Travel Only--NO HONORARIUM

Phone: 8603573425

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