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Marshall Liger, LVT, CVPM

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Charleston, SC

Liger Veterinary Consulting 

Marshall Liger, LVT, CVPM has been working in the veterinary space since 1997. In addition to being a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, he has a Bachelors in Business Administration. Marshall was South Carolina’s Licensed Veterinary Technician of the Year in 2009. In 2017, Marshall was a Top 10 Manager of the Year in a national contest. Marshall is also the only non-veterinarian professional member of the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. He was appointed to the position by Governor Haley and the SC Senate. In the early 2000’s, he served on the AVMA reaccreditation committee for Tricounty Technical College and for Piedmont Technical College.


In addition to working as a Hospital Administrator for a six doctor, AAHA-accredited hospital, he also owns Liger Veterinary Consulting. As an independent practice management consultant, Marshall is skilled at identifying processes within a hospital that require enhancement to grow the hospital. He has a proven record of increasing client satisfaction by creating strategic plans and coaching the team through implementation. He has presented at a number of veterinary seminars/conferences and several VBMA chapters. He also hosts the annual Palmetto Veterinary Management Seminar, a full day seminar for veterinary leadership and practice owners. Marshall also writes for Veterinary Practice News.



Topic #1: Bridging the Gap Between the Client and the Practice; Tips to Increase Client Compliance


1. Identify the four factors that influence client compliance

2. Explore each factor, learning how each one impacts client behavior

3. Learn methods to increase the influence of each factor in your practice

4. Identify methods to analyze client behavior

Topic #2: Medical Records: The Value of Accuracy

Description: A patient’s medical record is critically important for a number of reasons. It is both a formal documentation of the patient’s health status and can serve as the clinician’s defense if a question of care is ever raised.

This presentation will explore a variety of factors about patient medical records, including: what state regulations require; how to determine what your state regulations are; the significance of standardized records; how the medical record can impact future patient care; how the medical record can help or hinder the clinician in the event of a formal complaint; the importance of transferring records accurately; real life case study examples of acceptable and unacceptable records

Speaker Fees: $500 per lecture hour plus reasonable travel (airfare, hotel)

Phone: 843-697-3083

Topics Covered

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