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Elliot Matloff

Beverly Hills, Ca

The Matloff Company--Life, Disabilty and Health Insurance

Mr. Elliot Matloff is CEO of The Matloff Company, an insurance and financial services firm in Beverly Hills, California, offering life, health, disability, long term care insurance and retirement plans. He and his staff have been providing insurance protection to U.S. and international clients since August 1979. He is licensed in most states. Over the last 25 years, he has developed a strong relationship with AVMA and the AVMA Life Trust, offering veterinarians and veterinary students various insurance products. He is the endorsed agent for Western University Veterinary College of Medicine and is a guest speaker on several insurance and financial products especially important to the veterinary medical industry.


Topic #1: Insurance and Financial Planning Needs as a Veterinarian and/or practice owner

Description: Disability, life and health insurance, investments, retirement.

Topic #2: Employment as a new veterinarian and the contracting process

Description: Your due diligence as an associate and employment talking points.

Speaker Fees: Airfare if required to fly to your location; free if less than 300 miles from Beverly Hills, CA.

Phone: 3103826736

Topics Covered

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