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David McCormick

Boalsburg, PA

David McCormick is an experienced veterinary practice appraiser, transaction specialist and practice management consultant. He has presented nationally and internationally on topics including practice financial operations, practice value, buying/selling, and improving practice financial health. Mr. McCormick operates the veterinary practice appraisal and brokerage firms Simmons Mid-Atlantic and Simmons Great Lakes with his partner and father, Larry McCormick, DVM, MBA, CBA.

Topic #1: Veterinary Practice Financial Health - and why it matters!

Description: What makes a practice financially healthy and why is this important to you as an associate? Learn to make sense of the revenues and expenses data - and more importantly, what it means to your compensation! These are important details that can impact your veterinary career whether you are interested in practice ownership or not. Depending on the time available, this session can add in case studies on practices that were financially sick and recovered.

Topic #2: Practice Value & Ownership - Yes you can!​

Description: What makes one practice worth more than another? Can you buy a practice when you have no money? Yes, you can own a practice and your debt will not get in the way. Learn more about practice value, the purchase process and how the ownership cash flow makes the purchase possible.

Topic #3: Practice Financial Operation & Management

Description: This is a dive into the financial side of veterinary medicine - fixed & variable expenses, income-expense ratios, profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and more. All the core financial elements plus the management perspectives on how to use the data to track and improve your practice.

Topic #4: Personal Financial Health

Description: This session covers the basics of personal finance, things that you can be doing now that can have significant impact on your financial future.

Topic #5: ? What else does your program need?

Description: We can work together to build a program that fits your schedule and what is needed.

Speaker Fees: Sponsorship will cover Mr. McCormick's travel, lodging and speaker fees. The sponsorship, however, will not purchase food. Mr. McCormick will travel anywhere. If the distance is significant, need to look to 3+ hours such as an evening session plus a lunch session.

Phone: 8144667084

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