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Dr. Peter Weinstein

Irvine, CA


Dr. Peter Weinstein attended Cornell University for his undergraduate degree and the University of Illinois to receive his DVM. After graduation, he worked as an associate for three years before opening his practice. As he was running his practice he identified the need for increased business acumen to make his practice successful. Thus, while managing and practicing full time, he attended University of Redlands to receive his MBA. As a result of the MBA, he was able to relocate, expand and sell his practice to a corporate consolidator.


Politically, he served as President of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association and President for VetPartners, the national consultants association. In the veterinary industry, he acted as Medical Director overseeing the Claims Department for Veterinary Pet Insurance. Dr. Weinstein has provided small business and corporate consulting via his company, PAW Consulting Presently, Dr. Weinstein is the Executive Director for the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association.


Dr Weinstein lives in Orange County, California with his wife Sharon, two daughters, a dog, and a ‘skinny’ pig. Dr. Weinstein has spoken and written extensively on practice management, team building, leadership, collegiality, marketing, and other topics focused on making the veterinary profession better for all those affiliated with it. Most recently, he co-authored with Michael E Gerber, “The EMyth Veterinarian- Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It”.


Dr. Weinstein was actually present at the first (before VBMA) meetings of the group that eventually became the VBMA. The School to Success Program in 2001 was the kick off for the concept of a veterinary business club. Since then he has spoken at many of the veterinary schools and the national VBMA meeting. 



Topic #1: Can you Afford to Buy a Practice with $250k in Debt....Can you Afford Not To

Description: Understanding how practice sales are financed and determined so that you can understand that owning a practice is really the only way to get out of debt in the long term.

Topic #2: Being a Leader in Your Practice

Description: Just because you are a veterinarian (or future veterinarian) doesn't mean you will be a leader in your practice or job. What does it take to be a leader and what do you need to do to be successful as a leader.

Topic #3: Controlling the Exam Room Experience

Description: How to make effective use of your time in the exam room so that you get respect and trust from your clients and make effective use of your limited time. The Exam Room is Show Time for is how to be a star

Topic #4: Where the Money Comes From and Where the Money Goes in Practice

Description: Understanding the income and expense categories of a practice can help give you a better understanding of how to make a veterinary practice more profitable. And understanding a practice profit and loss can help you better understand your own financial situation

Topic #5: Is there Life After Veterinary School ?

Description: It is never too early to start to think about what you will do after graduation. Is there a way to do this effectively and efficiently so you get the best outcome? Absolutely.

Speaker Fees: Travel, hotel, airfare, incidental costs, rental car (if needed to get from airport to school). Honorarium may be paid by a sponsor that Dr. Weinstein works with. If there is no sponsorship for a visit, all Dr. Weinstein asks is for the school to cover his expenses.

Phone: 9498871599

Topics Covered

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