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Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson

San Diego, CA

1 Life Connected

Dr. Pope has been in veterinary medicine for over 20 years, practicing in both the large and small animal sectors. In addition she supported the position of a multi-unit manager for a large corporate practice and spent time in the pharmaceutical sector working with specialists and universities.


Her career has provided her a unique understanding of the stresses involved with maintaining a career in this industry, and she now dedicates her time to providing wellbeing support for the profession through her company 1 Life Connected, which she more refers to as a movement for the profession. 1 Life Connected creates the space that provides permission for each individual to find their unique path to sustainability. It does so by sharing a framework veterinary professionals can execute in their own way, just as we each honor the veterinary oath in our unique way. Thereby helping to connect our careers with our life passion.


1 Life Connected provides support through 1 on 1 coaching, customized team events, national and international speaking engagements, and various resources available through the website Dr. Pope has authored the book "The Unspoken Life", which is a resource as each person starts on their individualized journey to career sustainability.


Dr. Pope lives in San Diego California where she enjoys spending time outside exploring with her husband of 16 plus years in their '99 TJ Jeep. They share their home with multiple furry and feathered friends including Isabelle (Frenchie), Graciebird (Tuxedo DSH) and Maui (cockatoo) often showcased in the 1 Life Connected movement social media. In addition she is active as an athlete and has completed 10 Tough Mudders and is currently working towards running a 1/2 marathon in every state. In the end, Dr. Pope truly believes that we are all 1 Life Connected.




Topic #1: Overall Wellbeing and Sustainability

Description: Finding The Path To Honor Ourselves As We Live the Veterinary Oath.

We each come into this profession following and honoring the veterinary oath in our unique way. Along the way we often lose ourselves from the challenges and struggles of the space that is veterinary medicine. In this process many lose their drive to stay within the profession. The goal of the 1 Life Connected is to provide a space that allows each individual to find their unique path to sustainability while they honor the veterinary oath. 1 Life Connected does not tell people how to do this, instead it creates the permission for individuals to follow a framework to find longevity within the veterinary industry. When we uniquely honor the veterinary oath and also commit to Be 1 Life Connected, we find sustainability. Attendees will come away with understanding what this commitment states and then begin to find how each piece applies to themself. In the end, allowing each individual to start the journey to Be 1 Life Connected and find their sustainability within the veterinary industry.

Topic #2: Human Animal Bond and Our Wellbeing

Description: The Unspoken Connection; How the Human Animal Bond Can Both Hurt and Save Us in This Career. This lecture is designed to take a look into how the human animal bond presents itself in both the struggle and survival of our careers within the veterinary profession. The Human Animal Bond is often the critical piece that drives each of us into the profession, yet the reality of the profession both challenges that value of the bond and can also promote an unhealthy reliance on that bond. However, it is not all compassion fatigue and an over connection to the bond. This lecture will start to look at the dynamics of this bond in the profession and how in fact it can provide support to our wellbeing. The bond is powerful, and this lecture is to provide visibility on how that power can be better understood in hopes to find that individual path to each of our authentic sustainable careers within veterinary medicine.

Topic #3: Managing Emotions in Tough Conversations

Description: How to Manage Personal Emotions in Tough Conversations. There are multiple factors that need to be determined and shared during a conversation with a client when their pet is suffering with a difficult or complex medical situation. These conversations can elicit a number of emotions from the veterinarian and their staff when attempting to support the client through a decision. This presentation covers the traps that a team can fall into due to the emotions within themselves not being recognized and addressed during these conversations. It will provide direction on how to partner with the client and shares ideas and tools with the audience to help manage the emotions related to these conversations. While there is no right answer on how to have these conversations, this presentation helps to define the situation and allows the audience to recognize that we are all normal in our struggle and that true connection and acceptance of our own emotions is in fact the answer.

Topic #4: Team Work Dynamics

Description: Working in the trenches – What 12 Mile Mud Runs teach us about working in a veterinary hospital.

Many of us would agree that each day working in a hospital brings a level of uncertainty, which is often unwelcome. The appointment book can be described as a “guestimate” to how the day is going to proceed. Each day provides challenges and each day there is a team that works to come together to approach these challenges in the hopes of a positive outcome for all involved. Those individuals show up from their own purpose, yet everyone has the same overarching theme in being part of the team. To support the power of the human animal bond and the positive value that all lives have in this world. Tackling a 10-12 mile military obstacle course provides a unique view into the daily journey of a veterinary team. Having visibility to this journey from the mud runners perspective, can help us all find value in each other and also in ourselves as we navigate through this profession.

Topic #5: Perfectionism

Description: Tips on How to Become a Recovering Perfectionist.

Perfectionism or high-achievement syndrome is a common trait of those that enter into the medical field, and the speaker has found this to be especially true in the veterinary industry. This is a great personality trait to drive the individual through their schooling and training, however it is often not so great in providing them with a sustainable authentic fulfilling career. This talk takes the audience through one veterinary professional’s personal journey of finding a way to accept her perfectionism tendencies. This journey brought her to recognizing personal shame and how to then develop shame resiliency. These tips on how to become a recovering perfectionist literally saved her life and she wants to share them with the profession.

Speaker Fees: Honorarium depends on time frame for each event, assuming it is 1 event under 2.5 hours I typically charge $1800. However I provide a discount of 25% ($450) being this is primarily for students, therefore bringing the total to $1350. I also request a travel time fee which depends on the location and drive + air travel, this is determined at time of booking. Other costs requested are airfare, housing, and ground transportation to be covered. Although I am flexible and have tagged on events with other travel already set, in addition I have stayed with friends and students in the past to help minimize the cost. I am willing to be creative to work with the group to help make my support to the school be within the budget they have.

Phone: (916) 847-4807

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