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Dr. Zach Loppnow

Minneapolis, MN

Anoka Equine Veterinary Services

I am a 2017 graduate of the University of Minnesota. I currently work as an equine private practitioner in a multi-doctor referral practice. During school, I was the president of the Minnesota chapter of the VBMA as well as a National VBMA Vice-President. My interests and expertise lie in the new graduate experience. I like to focus my talks on the transition from school to practice, how to approach client communications, as well as discussing some personal finance.



Topic #1: The First Year of Practice: Tips on how to not only survive, but thrive.

Description: A outline of tips that I have either been taught, or found out through my own mistakes, that I believe are important for finding success as a new graduate in veterinary practice. (Not Species Specific) - Abbreviated Version given at 2019 NVBMA Roundtables

Topic #2: The First Contract

Description: A general discussion of the first contract as a veterinarian. What factors need to be considered beyond just straight compensation, as well as how the contract affects different parts of your life. (Not Species Specific)

Topic #3: Client Communications

Description: Setting Boundaries. Managing Expectations. Follow Through. These are the three tenants of successful client communication. This talk will dive into the practical application of these three ideas in your practice. (Not Species Specific)

Topic #4: Getting Paid in the Field

Description: A discussion on ambulatory billing, payment structures, collections and accounts receivable, from an associates perspective. How do we manage these things. Ideas for keeping it all in balance. (LA Focused)

Speaker Fees: Travel Costs (i.e. flight, hotel, gas), No Honorarium for 2019

Phone: 763-234-7708

Topics Covered

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