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Dr. Sara Caldwell

Demascus, OR

Wellhaven Pet Health

2000 graduate of the University of Florida College of Vet medicine. I did an equine internship in West palm Beach then opened my own solo mobile practice for horses. Transitioned into small animal where I worked with Banfield in 2007 and was chief of staff by the time I left in 2011. Worked as a small animal practitioner as Lead DVM for a private practice for one year then opened my own practice in 2013. My practice earned a million in its first calendar year and brought in 1.5 million by the time I sold it in the fall of 2017. I now work as a corporate veterinarian (Senior Director of Commercial contracts). What I bring to the table is a wide variety of experiences that has distilled into one clear message about how to achieve financial wellness during your career.



Topic #1: Specific Steps to Open Your Own Vet Practice 

Description: 12 Steps to opening a million dollar practice

Speaker Fees: Cost of flight and hotel for one night

Phone: 5037042955

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