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Dr. Michelle Vitulli

Centreville, VA

Caring Hands Animal Hospital

Dr. Vitulli is a graduate of Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. She founded Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Inc in 1997 and now has 5 veterinary partners, 8 animal hospitals in the Washington DC area, and has just opened her 9th location near Miami, Florida. Dr. Vitulli is passionate about influencing other young veterinary students and associate veterinarians to consider practice ownership in their future. Dr. Vitulli understands that practice owners need to be leaders and that leadership offers the best path to personal success.



Topic #1: Practice Ownership: Case Study of transition of Associate to Partner with Caring Hands and the Path to Success

Description: Veterinary practice ownership remains one of the most financially rewarding positions in the veterinary profession. There are about 26,000 animal hospitals in the United States, and less than 10% are corporately owned. There is unbelievable opportunity for young associates to become practice owners. However, it will require serious evaluation and research by the associate veterinarian to determine which opportunity is best suited for his or her needs.

Topic #2: Finding your Target Hospital Location and Creating a Business Plan

Description: We will explore the value in continued goal setting and how this can lead to a more fruitful and well-balanced career. Comparison of the success of all 8 Caring Hands Animal Hospitals will be discussed. Actual demographic data and analysis will be presented to help you choose your future hospital location as well as presentation of creating a business plan. Finally, an update on the new Florida location will be presented.

Speaker Fees: $600.00

Phone: 7035815498

Topics Covered

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