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Mike Falconer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Craig Road Animal Hospital 

Originally hailing from Scotland, and after a career in the entertainment lighting business, Mike is the Hospital Administrator for a 14-doctor veterinary practice in Las Vegas. A Hospital Administrator for 12 years, Mike also writes, speaks and consults on management, human resources, marketing, and social media. A Top Writer for 2018 on Quora, winner of the Founders Award from the Uncharted Veterinary Conference, and frequent poster to his own blog, Mike is also involved in various veterinary management, human resources, and marketing organizations. Mike supports retired Greyhound rescue and shares his home with and retired racer, Chip, and a Russell Terrier Mix named Dapple. In his spare time, Mike is a voracious reader, consumer of film, and theater patron. He also spends far too much time, online, giving people a piece of his mind.



Topic #1: Weaponized Reviews

Description: Reviews are here to stay, and that’s a good thing. But how do businesses defend themselves from those who would abuse the review system for their own ends? I offer practical advice on how to handle Yelp bombing campaigns and how to mitigate their effects. We look at how to prevent, and initially respond, to weaponized reviews. We look at preventing and then handling a weaponized review campaign going viral. And we look at other tactics undertaken by Yelp bombers, other than just posting reviews, and coming to a resolution. Strategize about how to tackle and respond to situations using a set of customized guidelines customized for your individual practice. Actual strategies for replying to and mitigating the effects of adverse reviews, online attacks, and abuse of the review system.

Topic #2: Myths of Time Management

Description: “They say time is a fire in which we burn.” Time management can seem like a mythical creature, we think we know what it looks like but actually finding it can seem impossible. In this hands on and practical workshop, we will take your actual list of jobs, tasks, and responsibilities and use real world practical strategies to turn them into a workable, and achievable, daily plan. We will also look at the role of delegation, structure, and routine, in personal time management. Touch on the new generation of computer tools, and why SEPs are important. There will also be lots of geeky references.

Topic #3: Disaster Preparedness

Description: Planning for every type of disaster or emergency is almost impossible. But creating strong policies to allow management and staff to adapt can allow organizations to adapt and respond to unforeseen events. Walk through on how to run disaster preparedness exercises. Learn how to make strong protocols to deal with internal and external disasters and how to test them.

Topic #4: Numbers for Those who Hate, or are Scared of, Numbers

Description: A basic introduction to the numbers behind practice management for students, technicians, and doctors. Learn why certain numbers are important, what they are, and which ones to ignore. How to interpret numbers, and make numbers work for you. Demystify terms like gross, net, EBITDA, profit, loss, average transaction, markup, and understand their relationship to what you do every day. Use actual practice examples to decode what prices should be and why. Use basic math skills (addition, subtraction, and a little multiplication) to get a grip on the financial side of any veterinary practice. Have actual understanding of the basic metrics that all veterinary hospitals use.

Topic #5: Externships at Craig Road Animal Hospital

Description: A description of Craig Road Animal Hospital and related practices and the high successful externship program that we run for 3rd and 4th year students. (Not for BCP credit)

Speaker Fees: No cost if allowed to speak about our externship program for 15-20 minutes.

Phone: 7026450331


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