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Jim Poissant

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Lakeville, MN

Guardian Vets

I bring twenty-six years’ experience including eleven years in corporate Human Resources and IT followed by fifteen years working exclusively in the Veterinary Industry serving more than 150 independent practices, consulting, assisting and training on issues involving Human Resources, Financial Health, Marketing and Internal Systems.



Topic #1: Financial Literacy

Description: This presentation covers the three basic financial statements; Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. We will explore how they interrelate, how they are best used to understand your practice and what their information really means at the simplest level.

Topic #2: HR Lessons from Netflix

Description: Netflix turned the world of Human Resources upside down with radical management theories and benefit plans. Find out how your practice can benefit from their example by digging into the concepts that made them one of the top-rated employers in America.

Topic #3: Inventory Management

Description: In a large business, inventory management is handled by a crowd of individuals, but in a veterinary hospital it’s usually one or two individuals that have to wear all the hats. We’ll use examples from large inventory management to understand what these hats are and how to make smarter decisions about managing your inventory.

Topic #4: The Whys of Wellness Plans

Description: Wellness plans are a great way to gain compliance, make it easier for your clients to afford care and stabilize cash flow. This presentation will explore the pros and cons of wellness plans, what pitfalls to avoid and most importantly, how to price your plans appropriately.

Topic #5: Killing the Cattiness

Description: Staff Conflict is not uncommon in any business, but in a high-stress and emotional environment like the veterinary hospital it can sometimes spiral out of control. We will discuss the connection between clear accountability and employee dissatisfaction, learn how accountability is learned and communication methods that will help to limit or eliminate cattiness in your practice.

Speaker Fees: requires travel costs to be covered if speaking outside of Minnesota; no speaker fees for in-person or virtual presentations

Phone: 7634586577

Topics Covered

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