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Renee Machel

Raeford, NC

Get MotiVETed

Renee Machel is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and highly regarded life coach. She is the co-founder of Get MotiVETed, and a registered yoga teacher, guiding people through mindfulness and meditation practices. Spending over 15 years in the profession as a hospital leader and veterinary technician.

Renee knows how important deliberate development and mindfulness-based practices reduce stress to better serve your overall well being, improve communication, enhance productivity, lead inspired teams and be present with those you care for. She will tailor her presentations to your group’s top needs. Blending 10 years of research and experience into programs that are simple and fundamental to creating a fulfilling life and career in veterinary medicine.

Currently, Renee delivers relevant, enjoyable, interactive and fun keynote addresses, breakout sessions, luncheons, dinner meetings, seminars/workshops and multi-day trainings. Renee has presented for such places as NC State University VBMA, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, High Point University, Duke University, APVMA Veterinary Symposium, Sandhills Community College, Delaware Valley University, the Veterinary Leadership Conference, the 34th Annual Pacific Rim International Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity, NCAMV, NC A&T State University and the AVMA Convention.



Topic #1: Progressive Leadership

Description: Training leaders and aspiring leaders, in their respective industries how to begin operating from places of understanding that yields a workplace culture of collaboration and innovation. Developing empowered teams that are inspired and consistently performing at optimal levels keeping burnout and stifled creativity at bay. Infusing practical and progressive strategies to apply to your life today and take into your career or entrepreneurship leading to more innovation in the workplace. Efforts in a 'Well-Being Matters' Leadership mindset can even reduce turnover and the management of daily 'fires' while improving team morale and individual job satisfaction.

Topic #2: Wellbeing Simplified

Description: In the veterinary profession today, we’re hearing a lot about wellbeing. Compassion fatigue, burnout, ethical fatigue, psychological distress, depressive episodes, impostor syndrome, suicidal ideation, perfectionism: these are all things veterinary professionals have to be aware of. With all of these mental afflictions and many more, maintaining personal and professional well-being can seem like a large, labor-intensive, and complex task. Not any longer! Attendees will walk away with an easy-to-understand and follow blueprint for maximizing their personal and professional well-being without having to know the cause, definition, and solution of every possible mental affliction that exists.

Topic #3: Stress Reduction and Balance

Description: Defining what success means to you and how to ACHIEVE IT! Understand how to establish appropriate boundaries. Gain clarity on the areas in which cause you the most stress and how to form better habits. The art and science behind turning off ruminating thoughts or negative self-talk to promote being present, feeling good, improve sleep quality, and productivity. Increase resilience and inventory checks to lead a life and career driven by your true (and changing) principles or values both of which can empower you in the many roles you hold.

Speaker Fees: $1000 and travel

Phone: 7349683555

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