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Stith Keiser

Dannville, KY

Blue Heron Consulting 

I believe there is an opportunity to help combat many of the challenges we're facing as a profession - wellness, wellbeing, DIR, low career satisfaction - through successful, sustainable practice ownership. I am passionate about sharing my experiences, both failures and successes, as a private practice owner in hopes of helping the next generation of owners create an environment where they can practice the level of medicine they desire, build a culture they're proud of, and reach their personal level of financial security.


In addition to private practice ownership (mixed and small animal), I serve as adjunct faculty at several veterinary schools, speak at a variety of veterinary conferences and am a partner at Blue Heron Consulting.



Topic #1: Path to Practice Ownership: Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for Practice Ownership

Description: Review steps on the path to ownership including advantages and common pitfalls of practice ownership, financing options and basic management principles. 

Topic #2: Financial Statements: The Stories Behind the Numbers

Description: In this workshop, attendees will: 1. Review key financial documents and indicators to study when assessing a practice’s financial health 2. Analyze a P&L to better understand its components 3. Read the “story” of several hospitals and evaluate potential hospital purchase opportunities

Topic #3: Profit and Loss Statements – Obtaining the Pulse of the Practice in 15 Minutes or Less

Description: This interactive discussion will teach attendees how to dissect the key components of a profit and loss statement such as COGS (cost of goods sold), payroll, rent and net income, and apply the necessary adjustments to improve practice profitability. At the end of this session, attendees will be able to: 1. Look at the four key P&L metrics and compare with those of best practices 2. Make the adjustments to those key metrics that are necessary to realize the profound impact those adjustments have on net income. 3. Utilize strategies discussed in the session to improve practice profitability and practice value

Topic #4: Private Practice Ownership - How to Make a Competitive Offer when Competing Against Corporate Consolidators

Description: The ability of corporate consolidators to offer higher than fair market prices for veterinary hospitals can make it difficult for private owners to pursue their dream of practice ownership. In this session, we’ll delve into the valuation process and discuss specific strategies private practitioners can employ to boost their appeal to sellers.

Topic #5: Tips for Starting Up Your Startup

Description: In this session, attendees will learn tips for navigating the startup process including: 1. Determining whether a startup is right for you 2. Exploring if your desired market is right for a startup 3. Understanding the financing process 4. Laying a foundation for success

Speaker Fees: No honorarium; requests airfare, hotel, rental car be reimbursed

Phone: 720-323-9651


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