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Dr. Tannetje' Crocker

Keller, TX


Dr. Tannetje’ Crocker is a 2009 graduate from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. Growing up Dr. Crocker was always passionate about horses and was inspired to become a veterinarian. Since graduation she has worked as an equine ambulatory vet, small animal general practitioner, and emergency veterinarian. She currently practices in Grapevine, Texas at Northwest Animal Hospital and the Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas. She is passionate about mentorship and empowering both veterinary students and young veterinarians to embrace the profession and find joy and success.

Topics Covered

Topic #1 Dr. Crocker- My veterinary story

Description: The veterinarians career path can be full of unexpected obstacles and career course corrections are sometimes needed. Dr. Crocker shares her journey from one career phase to the next. She give tools for making smart decisions so you can find your joy in practice.

Topic #2 ER relief work as a veterinarian.

Description: Having practiced as an ER relief veterinarian for over 6 years I discuss the value of having a relationship with the local ER. We discuss how to find relief work, the financial benefit, and how challenging yourself professionally should be every practitioners goal. I also share cool ER cases pictures and videos.


Topic #3 Discussing finances as a veterinarian.

Description: Communicating about finances as a veterinarian is a difficult skill to hone. Having good communication is key to reduce stress in veterinary practice. I give real life scenarios and information for how to handle the different types of clients you will encounter. I can discuss it as it pertains to ambulatory, ER, or general practice life.

Topic #4 Finding a unicorn practice to work for.

Description: There are veterinary practices out there that offer good mentorship and a healthy environment for you to grow and flourish in. They are called "unicorn practices". I will offer ways for students to network and set themselves up to find and be hired by those types of practices.

Topic #5 Mentorship matters.

Description: The value of a good mentor throughout your career as a veterinarian cannot be overemphasized. I discuss the importance of mentorship as a student and new veterinarian. I give specific questions you should ask when interviewing for your first job to find a good mentor. I also share stories from my career where my mentors helped me immensely.

Speaker fees: I do not ask for a speaking fee at veterinary schools. I would like the chapter to pay for travel and hotel if able. We can discuss the specifics when you reach out!


Phone Number: 9792551373


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