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Dr. Rebecca Stinson

Reidsville, NC

AVMA Trust

Since entering veterinary school in 1998, I have been a company student rep, a national SAVMA president, a equine intern, a large animal associate, a founding partner of a veterinary practice, a professor, a veterinary school administrator, a relief veterinarian and now a StudeProtecting you while you protect your patientsnt Services Representative. Veterinary careers are an exciting journey. I would love to share my journey and explore what yours might look like. I am happy to provide content around the importance of insurance as a veterinarian as well as many other topics.



Topic #1: Understanding Insurance in Your Contract

Description: This 1 hour discussion focuses on learning the types of insurances and common pitfalls with insurance in typical veterinary contracts.

Topic #2: Protecting You While You Protect Your Patients

Description: Understanding the role of different insurance products in the life of a veterinary student, associate and practice owner.


Topic #3: Starting on your own Path

Description: Earning a DVM or VMD is just the beginning. The real excitement comes with the journey day to day. Let's discuss your vision of your career and what steps you may want to consider in order to get there.

Speaker Fees: Honorarium is covered by AVMA Trust

Phone: 3366131914

Topics Covered

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