Dr. Gary Ackerman

Richmond, VA

Ackerman Group, Inc.


20 years of ownership of multiple veterinary practices. 20 years of financial and transition planning for veterinary practice owners. Over $1 billion of veterinary and tax-deferred transactions, licensed in commercial real estate, securities and investment advisory.



Topic #1: Practice Transitions

Description: Understand all facets of the material items in order for you to purchase or sell a veterinary practice.

Topic #2: Veterinary Practice Valuations

Description: Understand what is material and valuing a veterinary practice and how you might both monitor it and improve it.

Topic #3: Veterinary Real Estate

Description: Understand commercial real estate transactions and where these might fit related to veterinary hospitals. Also understand the tax code related to real estate ownership.

Speaker Fees: Generally none, depending upon the location. If there are travel costs, that may be charged.

Phone: 804-334-7387


Topics Covered