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Jon Geller

Jon Geller, DVM, Diplomate Emeritus, ABV

Fort Collins, CO

Animal Emergency Center, PC

Dr. Geller has been involved in the start up and operations of 4 emergency hospitals in Colorado, and has worked for 20 years as an ER Clinician. He also developed a new model for Internships that is now part of the Pathway ER Academy, which he co-directs. In addition, he has been involved in the start-up of 2 veterinary non-profits, The Street Dog Coalition and The Ladybug Fund



Topic #1: Practicing at the Speed of Trust

Description: How creating a trust-based practice can improve efficiency, reduce turnover and result in a workplace of choice.

Topic #2: Emergency Hospitals: Pitfalls and Potentials

Description: In up close look at the management and leadership required to run a successful emergency practice

Topic #3: Creating a Premiere Internship Program

Description: A look at an alternative model for internships, and why it is works for the hospital and the intern

Topic #4: Social Entrepreneurship in Veterinary Medicine

Description: Opportunities to get engaged with the community outside of the small circle of veterinary medicine

Topic #5: Providing Care to the Indigent: Street Medicine

Description: A look at the homeless in the US, their pets and the issues and challenges of providing care.

Speaker Fees: Travel costs + $250 donation to The Street Dog Coalition

Phone: 9702191959,

Topics Covered

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