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Dr. Jill Lopez

Montclair, NJ

Vet Candy 

Dr. Jill Lopez is the founder of Vet Candy, the voice of veterinary professionals who are looking for a comprehensive source for clinical updates, scientific news, and expert tips, together with the latest lifestyle and health trends. She is an award-winning veterinary professional that has worked with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, and global pet product manufacturers. In addition to her experience in the animal health industry, Dr. Lopez is also a published scientific author. Her work includes over forty peer-reviewed scientific articles, abstracts, and textbook chapters. She has lectured extensively on various topics throughout the United States and Canada.



Topic #1: Vet Candy's Guide to Vet School

Description: Vet Candy Guide to Vet School focuses on physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing for students entering or already enrolled in Vet School, including tips on how to create a budget, secrets to a healthy relationship with food, and easy ways to stay physically fit.

Topic #2: Life lessons learned from the most successful people in our industry.

Description: What separates the most successful veterinary professionals from the average associate? Aside from the fact that they probably paid off their student loan in a lump sum, it is how they deal with life and business. Learn about some of the most successful people in our industry and how they rose through the ranks.

Topic #3: Branding secrets for your clinic...and yourself

Description: How to create a dynamic and memorable brand that can help pave the way to be remembered for your expertise and personal uniqueness leading to a more successful and rewarding career. Learn why personal branding is important and complete a brief personal assessment exercise to help create a powerful personal brand.

Topic #4: Simple ways to have better communication in the workplace

Description: To be successful, veterinary health professions must be able to communicate effectively. These tips focus on simple ways to make your communication more effective with a focus on audience, listening, and explaining your goals.

Topic #5: Why it is time for gender balance, inclusion, and diversity in veterinary medicine

Description: According to the AVMA, 63% of small animal practitioners are female. Women also makeup 81% of all veterinary students. Sadly, although women outnumber men in the veterinary field, they are still underrepresented in leadership roles. Our record on diversity is even worse, with only 1% of our profession identifying as African American, well below the nation norm. This lecture discusses three ways we can change veterinary medicine for the better including promoting diversity, gender balance, and supporting inclusion.

Speaker Fees: No cost to the chapter! I appreciate the opportunity to inform the students about Vet Candy- a free site for veterinary professionals.

Phone: 201-927-8889

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