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Kevin Maher

Ames, Iowa

VetMeasure, Inc.


Kevin founded VetMeasure, in September 2015 with the hope to create an IT infrastructure that supports animal health technology innovation, consulting and advisory services to animal health and veterinary medicine businesses related to technological advancements. From VetMeasure, the MeasureON! canine health monitoring harness was born. Kevin has 30+ years of experience working in the business side of the animal health industry and veterinary profession; and he has established working relationships with State and Federal animal health officials across the nation.



Topic #1: Startup Product Development & Validation

Description: In this presentation, Kevin will discuss product development, product validation, and then lead into business models and profit structures. This topic will be based on his experience with VetMeasure, and the process of developing MeasureON! (a harness that monitors a patient’s TPR). The importance of scientific studies and positive user experiences will be discussed.

Topic #2: From an Idea to a Successful Business: Starting Up a Startup Company

Description: In this presentation Kevin will discuss how to transform a concept into a company that produces a product or service. Examples in this presentation will be based on Kevin’s experiences with GlobalVetLINK (GVL) and VetMeasure. Additional topics covered will include: identifying current problems and how to create/ implement solutions, how to attract funding sources and appeal to investors, how to expand the business, and startup support options including incubators, accelerators and University relationships.

Topic #3: Developing a Business Plan

Description: Business model innovation can have a stronger, swifter impact on profit margins than service or product innovation, it can disrupt established industries, and it can lead to exciting and vibrant cultures that attract top talent. So what about personal innovation? During this interactive and fun program Dr. Mia Cary will facilitate a conversation centered on five building blocks of personal innovation that mirror the cornerstones of business model innovation. Participants will be invited to create an actionable personal innovation roadmap to help guide you on your continued career journey, regardless of which path and stop you currently find yourself on.

Topic #4: Introducing and Managing Change

Description: In this presentation, Kevin will discuss introducing a novel product and concepts into veterinary clinics. Kevin has ample experience in this topic as GVL (GlobalVetLINK) was influential in introducing computers, internet connectivity, digital cameras to veterinary practices in the early 2000s, and VetMeasure is now introducing wearable monitoring technology into veterinary practices. Topics included in this presentation include how to address the veterinary practice needs, discerning a target market strategy through trade associations and industry contacts, hurdles that may be faced in the process, and the use of finding a way your product can address current needs.

Topic #5: A Guide to Networking and Mentorship

Description: In this presentation, Kevin will walk through the importance and how-tos of networking and mentorship. Topics covered include: the importance of belonging to state and national associations and organizations, engaging in opportunities to interact with veterinary students at other schools, learning from summer experiences and externships, and how to build credibility among a network of people. Kevin will also cover asking for Letters of Recommendation from employers or mentors, as this is an important component of applying to jobs, internships, and residency programs.

Speaker Fees: Due to COVID-related travel restrictions, there are no costs associated with Kevin speaking with students over Zoom, or other digital platforms.

Phone: 515-296-4243


Topics Covered

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