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James DeLano, DVM

San Ramon, CA

Grow a Better DVM

Dr. Jim DeLano is a veterinarian and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in veterinary practice leadership and management. He currently owns and serves as active manager at seven thriving companies in the “pet space”, collectively generating 21M in annual revenue. At the same time, he works with three startups in the pet space, two involving AI, where he serves advisory and investment roles.

His practice ownership career was launched with a de novo in 1989. The 30-year run of this practice has seen two relocations a merger and an acquisition and it currently employs 110 staff caring for over 12,000 families and their pets annually. Developing and growing engaged staff is one of his passions.

Based on his leadership in the profession and the larger business community, Dr. DeLano was recently asked to join the AVMA Trust (a merger of AVMA LIFE and AVMA PLIT), where he and his colleagues are tasked with charting the next four decades of services for the AVMA membership. He serves as the Vice Chair of the AVMA Trust as well as the Chair of the Finance Committee, overseeing finance, audits and investments. Dr. DeLano has also served as a director on several nonprofit and for-profit boards for over a decade.

His national speaking career launched in 2017 following presentation of Organized Onboarding™ and Mentoring Communications of Veterinary Associates™ to 700 practice owners and managers at the biennial VSG Veterinary Congress. Associates trained with Organized Onboarding™ have generated 46% higher annual revenues than previous associates, allowing them to earn an average of $35,000 more in gross wages in their first year. His data driven approach to sharing the challenges and successes of a 30-year practice-owner career lend validity to his presentations. A partial list of topics along with descriptions can be found here:



Topic #1: Grow A Better DVM - Organized Onboarding(TM)

Description: Learn how the specific methods of resource dedication and training facilitation laid out in Organized Onboarding will help you grow the next generation of DVMs for your practice. Our team approach to onboarding facilitates the mentoring of associates in medicine, surgery, and communications. The successful integration of this approach has led to greater production, higher ACTs, a higher client-bonding factor, faster reduction of student debt, and most important- retention of DVMs with high job satisfaction.

Topic #2: Grow A Better DVM - Mentoring Communications in Private Practice

Description: Come get an idea of how to make the WISE COACH exam-room communication tool as well as other communication tools work for your practice. Using these tools and more, learn how to incorporate communications mentoring in your practice for a productive team experience.

Topic #3: Income Statements & Equipment Purchasing

Description: Where does all the money go? These topics are presented in an interactive fashion with the VBMA members. The income statement is compared to attendees personal expense buckets - presenting the concept an "everyday life" format. Practice owners are faced with determining the ROI of a piece of equipment. Sharpen your pencils, bring your calculators and be prepared to figure out how a practice owner decides he he/she can afford that new ultrasound machine (or any piece of equipment).

Topic #4: Financial Planning for the Freshly Minted DVM

Description: In 1987 my debt to income ration was 1.95:1. I became practice owner 30 months following graduation. Half the battle of financial literacy is understanding basic finance concepts. Topics covered include student debt, credit/debit cards and taxes. Understanding production based practice and how this can help your financial well-being are also discussed.

Topic #5: Grow A Better Practice - The Competitive Pharmacy

Description: The perception that the internet and Amazon is taking over the world has created a "sky is falling" mentality. Being competitive doesn't always mean cost. Fulfillment of orders in ways the consumer wants will drive sales and insure your pharmacy is competitive with outside forces.

Many other topics available upon inquiry.

Speaker Fees: I will never charge a VBMA chapter a speaker fee. Travel & hotel costs would be great. No meal costs - I have to eat, why charge for that? :-)

Phone: 925-202-9282

Topics Covered

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