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Paul Camilo

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Veterinary Consultation Services, LLC

Paul Camilo has been in the profession for more than 18 years. He is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) with a degree in Business Administration. He is the founder of Veterinary Consultation Services, LLC, where he advises companies, practice owners and managers on business development matters. He has a strong focus on technology, communication, and dentistry. Paul serves as the Veterinary Dental Forum’s Management and Marketing program Track Coordinator, VetPartner’s Webinar Committee Chairperson, an Advisory Board member for Vets First Choice, and an Advisory Board member for ePethealth. Paul is currently a Podium Speaker for Zoetis, Fear Free Speakers Bureau, on the VetSOAP advisory board, and VetPartners program committee. For 14 years Paul was the practice administrator of Hometown Animal Hospital, All Pets Dental & 10 Lives Cat Clinic in South Florida. Paul is now the President of Your Pets Vets whose mission is… Team first, amazing service, enhancing pets’ lives.


Paul is also a proud member and advocate of Toastmaster International for the past 15 years . He has presented at many national conferences including American Animal Hospital Association conference, the Veterinary Dental Forum, Western Veterinary Conference, VMX formally known as North America Veterinary Conference, American Veterinary Medical Association conference, and many state VMAs.


Paul is a super proud parent, happy husband, Star Wars nerd, and a defender of pet rights everywhere!



Topic #1: Growing Your Dental Department (1-2hr)

Description: This talk will provide attendees with a strategic process for growing their animal hospital’s dental departments. Attendees will learn how to quantify the active dental opportunity in an animal hospital. We will also share with attendees the top five dental initiatives that have helped animal hospitals grow their dental department. The 5 initiatives are 1) keeping great records, 2) using different nomenclature, 3) oral x-rays on every case, 4) adopting pictures into the dental culture, and 5) understanding the 60/40 rule.

Topic #2: Growing Your Dental Department-Communication (1-2hr)

Description: This communication talk will provide attendees with a strategic process for dental client communication. We will teach interpersonal communication techniques influenced by Toastmaster International. Some of the skills covered will be; Building Rapport, Vocal Variety, Body Language, Attention Grabber, The Prolonged Pause, Eliminate Distractions, Overcome Objections, Show Them, Tell Them, Give Them, using a smart device’s camera, VisioCare Consult Technology, etc. Attendees will walk away with a well-defined communication compliance plan for veterinary dentistry.

Topic #3: Clients Gone Wild! Dealing With Disgruntled Clients

Description: This presentation will use real video and audio of disastrous situations to illustrate true management issues and techniques to resolve them. The reasons why clients get upset vary greatly. In some cases their reason is something that the doctor or staff did, Some examples: You can have a client that lashes out at you or your staff for the wait being too long; another client being put in an exam room before them; or not getting a phone call back with their pet’s lab results. In this situation, expect the irate phone call or embarrassing lash-out in your waiting room.

Topic #4: How To Make Your “Best Medicine” The Best Option (1-2hrs)

Description:  Veterinary medicine is more advanced today than ever before. Practitioners have access to great innovative diagnostic testing and treatments. Specialty medicine continues to grow year over year. However, with better veterinary care comes higher expenses. With higher expenses comes more fees to the clients. And here we are, the ability to help pets with advance medical services but having a hard time keeping it affordable for your average person. This talk will cover how to create an ecosystem in an animal hospital where compliance comes easy. Attendees will see how to best leverage pet insurance, wellness plans and financing to create financial success. Reduce the financial burden to clients, allow the doctors to practice high quality medicine and stimulate growth.

Speaker Fees: $3,000 per event or for events more than 10hrs speaking $300/hour

Phone: 19545297285

Topics Covered

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