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Debbie Boone

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Gibsonville, NC

2 Manage Vets Consulting, LLC

Debbie Boone, self-professed “customer service geek and champion for animal health,” began her training in business management and customer care at 12 years old while working in her family’s restaurants. A love of animals led her to a bachelor’s degree in animal science from North Carolina State University and her first job in the industry as a client care representative at an animal hospital. Her business, retail, and hospitality background quickly moved her into hospital administration, and she managed AAHA-accredited hospitals for 23 years. Her unique skillset includes experience working with a variety of veterinary hospitals, including small animal, mixed animal, specialty, and emergency practices. She also has experience with shelter management. Debbie is considered an expert in team communication, the creation of positive practice culture, and the development of monthly paid wellness plans for veterinary practices. Acknowledged as a leader in change implementation and employee engagement, she has been sought out by major animal health manufacturers for her skills as a trainer and speaker.


During her presentations, Debbie incorporates real-life stories that resonate with attendees and lead to glowing reviews. Her impressive list of speaking engagements includes WVC, AAHA, Midwest and Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conferences, and more. She has presented multiple VetFolio webinars and is the instructor for Patterson Veterinary Supply’s Communication and Service class. Her frequent one-on-one contact with veterinary professionals keeps her abreast of the daily challenges veterinary practices face and the creative solutions they have found to overcome those challenges.


Debbie co-authored The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans—How to Design and Implement Successful Preventive Care Plans and has been published in the VHMA newsletter, Firstline, DVM 360 online, Veterinary Team Brief, Trends magazine, and more. She is a member of VHMA, AAHA, VetPartners, and multiple veterinary business and management groups and also serves on the AAHA LINC committee, assigned with selecting the AAHA Board of Directors. She is a member of the Board of Directors for VetPartners and the Fear FreeSM Advisory Board and Speakers Bureau. Her latest project is the development of a Veterinary Practice Management concentration through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University.


Debbie’s business, 2 Manage Vets Consulting, helps practices develop extraordinary team communication and business skills, enhancing patient care, improving profitability, and increasing practice value. She strives to improve the lives of animals by using her expertise to improve workplace culture and the well-being of veterinary professionals.

Topic #1: Professionalism in a Fish Bowl – How to Properly Comport Your Self in the Public Eye

Description: Sometimes it is difficult to remember that at any moment someone is watching us – our expression, listening to our words, our tone , not to mention our attitude towards our patients, our clients and each other. In an age where good manners and professionalism seem to be disappearing how can teams know what is appropriate? Where are the models of proper behavior? This session teaches how to present yourself well and gain respect while being “on stage”.

Topic #2: Compliance – How to Improve this Revenue Driver

Description: All practices know that compliance to recommendations is a long-time problem. Clients simply won’t do what we tell them they should for their pets. Or will they? The answer lies in your team and how they are trained to consistently reinforce your message. During this class you will learn to create a standard protocol – and why you should – and to understand that training your team to “preach” your message is the key to compliance. Students participate in role play

Topic #3: Embezzlement – Protecting your Practice from Fraud

Description: No practice owner likes to think they have employees who steal, but the fact is that fraud is a common problem. 55% of the cash stolen in a hospital is taken by the front office team but other members are just as guilty. Learn how to put practical systems in place to protect your hospital from embezzlement. Trust, but verify!

Topic #4: Communication Skills for the Veterinary Team

Description:Effective communication by every member of the team is the key to patient health. If you consider every mistake or upset client event that occurred in your hospital in the last several weeks you would have to agree that someone fell down in their communication. It could be the client, the doctor or the team. Better communication enhances patient care, decreases “drama” among staff and creates a culture that is positive. The better our communication skills are the better our hospital. Learn basic communication skills and learn to look forward to your job every day.

Topic #5: Introduction to a Fear Free™ Practice

Description: If you have been hearing a lot about Fear Free™ Certification but don’t know if it is right for you – this class has the answers. Presented from the business and human resources perspective of Fear Freesm this class walks you through the process and the “why” Fear Free Certification is a valuable tool in your customer service toolbox. Learn how Fear Free certification has helped with staff burn out and compassion fatigue and how it drives positive social media reviews

Speaker Fees: $500 per hour of lecture plus travel expenses


Phone: 3362805086

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