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Dr. Chuck Wiedmeyer

Topics Covered

Columbia, MO

Comparative Clinical Pathology Services, LLC/University of Missouri

Dr. Wiedmeyer received his DVM from the University of Illinois in 1994. He then entered into a combined PhD/Residency program at the same university. In 2001 he received a PhD in Veterinary Pathology and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in 2004. Current, Dr. Wiedmeyer is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology at the University of Missouri. His academic duties include teaching many levels of students, training residents and graduate students, providing clinical service to the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, collaborative research and academic service to the his department, college and university. In 2008, Dr. Wiedmeyer founded Comparative Clinical Pathology Services, LLC (CPath) and continues to own and operate the venture. CPath offers a complete range of clinical pathology laboratory services to support preclinical studies, biomedical research projects, characterization of animal models and clinical trials using a variety of animal species. Clientele include university researchers, contract research organizations, pharmaceutical development organizations and others in the biomedical research community.

Topics #1: Potholes on the Road to Success

Description: Will talk about the many failures encountered in my educational, academic and business career which eventually lead to success.

Topics #2: If It was Easy, Diapered Monkeys Would be Doing It

Description: An overview of how I started a successful business with no experience.

Speaker Fees: Travel costs, no honorarium


Phone: 573-620-4883


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