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Lawrenceville, GA

Whitehall Consulting / Southern Veterinary Partners

Dr. Howell “Hal” Little is an Honors Graduate of The University of Georgia and earned his DVM Degree from UGACVM in 1981. After graduation Hal’s career highlights underscore his passion for Collaborative Leadership. Dr. Little’s experience in the Veterinary Profession is varied and diverse. He worked in 2 busy Small Animal practices followed by a career transition into Industry. This 30 + year “Industry Career” working with 2 World-Class Leaders in the Veterinary / Animal Health Industry – Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Merial. Hal built, managed, and lead teams of veterinary professionals in various Sales, Marketing, Technical and Professional Services roles. He retained and refined top-drawer talent through change and transition. Dr. Little built a highly functional team of thirty three veterinarians within the Merial US Sales Organization. In his Industry career Hal received extensive Media and Crisis Training. Dr. Little has been utilized in US Veterinary and Media markets as a trained Public Speaker and Communicator – National and International Teacher / Speaker / Spokesperson. Hal has been on Media Campaigns with ABC, NBC, FOX News. His passion for his profession and his drive to serve have been channeled into a coaching and consulting enterprise, WHITEHALL Leadership. This consulting “gig” allows Hal to channel his teaching, coaching and consulting experience into driving success in the Veterinary Marketplace. Dr. Little is currently consulting exclusively with Southern Veterinary Partners and helping recruit and acquire top-tier talent.

Topic #1: It's a Marathon .... SO Prepare and Enjoy it!

Description: READ The E Myth by Michael Gerber.... You must have a Vision - A Mission - An Entrprenueral Vision is critical Building and mantaining a harmonious TEAM of Professionals serving the public is critical in building a profitable, successful, and valued business. NO matter the business. Whu not a Veterinary centric business Invest in your self. Buyild value around YOUR unique value Paint yourself into THEIR PICTURE NEVER under sell your unique value!!

Topic #2: Pareto's Principle - THE 80 / 20 RULE

Description: 80 % of a country's wealth is held by 20 % of its population...... In a highly functional Veterinary Small Animal Hospital 80% of the Gross Revenue is generated by 20% of the Client Base. What do those 20 % ers look like? Act like? Should you care? What about all the rest? The remaining 80% of our clients? BONUS - How The 80/20 Rule applies to interviews and getting just the right talent for just the right job.

Topic #3: Selling YOUR Unique Value

Description: Influencing is selling. Selling what is in the pet's best interest IS good Medicine and Good Business. Here is how and why! drives good compliance that drives the best health care for a client's animals and/or pets. What is VALUE? How do you build it? Why not just discount? What are Features and Benefits? Why a profitable business begets happy employees and happy clients. Why THAT practice attracts THE BEST and BRIGHTEST - employees and Clients and their Pets. Hiring - FIRING (when you have to you HAVE to!) Ask the right questions and let them talk. Can the candidate paint themselves into YOUR picture?

Topic #4: Who, What, When, Where, and HOW DO I "Toot My Own Horn"?

Description: What I was looking for in Top Drawer Talent in the Veterinary Industry. How do I get THAT job.... and I want it now!!!! What is a Five Tool player in Baseball? What would be THE FIVE most crucial tools that EVERY Veterinary should possess? How do you select just the right talent for those critical positions. How do you hire a "1)" .... Or should you hire a 5 and build a 10??? What questions should you expect to be asked in an interview? AND What questions should you always ask if you are the interviewer! Building a collaborative team by asking questions

Topic #5: The Story of the Olemelepo Baboon Troup.

Description: Dr. Robert Sapolsky and his work on human stress is discussed. One of his troops - the Olemelepo Troop was changed dramatically INTO a collaborative team oriented troop! Why is evidence to me that says a collaborative work / life mindset can be sustained and can endure challenge. Past behaviors rooted in eons can be changed BUT also might require pushing bad actors aside....WHAT???? Is it NATURE or NURTURE? How can I avoid investing in / hiring those suspect personalities? IAMWHATIAM!!!! Is that BAD? How would I know? MBTIDISCCALIPERPI .....Oh MY!! Also discussion around the British Civil Service - WHITEHALL and why it TOO reinforces that every one wants to be in charge and lead something!!! NOT be BOSSED around!

Speaker Fees: charges $2,500 per day for Coaching and Speaking - Any work with The VBMA (Local or National) fees would be waved / donated back to The VBMA . As a consultant for SVP, expenses and travel costs are paid for to be at UGA, AU, UF , VMRCVM, and The VBMA National Meeting .... with proper timing SVP could pay most of his Travel and Expenses.

Email: hlittle@svp.vet or hallittle7@yahoo.com

Phone: 7703169329

Website: www.svp.vet 

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