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Woburn, MA

Mr. Klein completed his undergraduate degree in Business from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and is currently enrolled part time in a Masters in Business Administration at University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Mr. Klein is working full time at NetSuite within Oracle as a Sales Consultant. The majority of his research is in personal finance, which he has been involved in for 5+ years now. He enjoys breaking down the confusing aspects of personal finance and communicating them to an audience that can leverage them over the course of their life time.


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Josh Klein, BA

He particularly likes working with groups of veterinary students because they are an extremely intelligent group. They are interested in expanding their knowledge to understand how they can handle their loans, buy a practice or home, and one day be Financially Free. These complex financial issues can be daunting to tackle on your own, or even know where to start.


Mr. Klein's presentations can hone in on any one particular area a group is interested in, or cover a broad range of these topics. Each presentation is completely interactive and customizable to the requests and needs of each group. Please reach out to Mr. Klein if you have any questions or are interested in a topic he does not mention below.

Topics Covered

Topic #1: Personal Finance

Description: Mr. Klein can work with any client to develop a presentation that is perfect for their audience. Please see examples of topics he has covered in the past.

Topic #2: Credit and How it Impacts You

Description: Topics range from what goes into a credit score, to what you can do to improve your credit score,to what kinds of things having a good credit score can impact, all the way to what steps you can take today to save up to $100,000+ over the course of your life

Topic #3: What is "The Market" and Why Should I Care?

Description: Topics include; what a stock is, how a stock comes to exist, what the stock market is and why does everyone care so much, different types of investments you may hear about and what they are, what % can you expect the stock market to return and what does that number really mean, The biggest predictor of personal investment returns over your lifetime

Topic #4: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Description: Topics include; what is financial freedom, what is investing versus saving, why should you start saving today in your 20s when you have your whole life to save, the best resources to save and invest for someone with not a lot of money, should you pay off loans or invest, the 8th wonder of the world; compound interest

Topic #5: Defy your Debt

Description: Topics include; how to figure out how much debt you have, should you consolidate your debt, what if you can't afford your minimum payment, what happens if you miss a payment, which loan should you try to pay off first (after you are paying the minimum on all of them), how much money in interest can be saved by paying off loans early, how having debt impacts your ability to buy a home, what the interest rate on a loan really means.

Speaker Fees: Travel Expenses Covered + $500 to cover the cost of missing a day of work 


Phone: (339)-237-2740

Website: N/A

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