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Plainville, Kansas

The Animal Hospital

Dr. Lauren Mack is a 2014 Washington State University graduate (Go Cougs!). After graduation she moved to central Kansas and purchased a mixed animal practice seven weeks later. In the last four years, Dr. Mack has worked on the challenges of a truely rural, mixed animal practice, the constant learning curve associated with owning a business and building the great, but elusive, practice culture.

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Lauren Mack, DVM

Topic #1: The Culture of Agriculture

Description: I discuss the challenges of rural, agricultural practice and the ups and downs of working in a small town entrenched in tradition and dependent on agriculture.

Topic #2: Building a great team culture that actually works.

Description: There is a lot of discussion on culture out there, but I do my best to simplify the core needs of a team and share what we have learned from our mistakes. We are an all female team under 35 years old.

Topic #3: Large Animal Practice.

Description: I discuss the challenges associated with beef medicine (livestock in general) from pricing and scheduling to payment issues. I have rennovated the practice and constructed a facility and I discuss the challenges associated with banks and loans, rennovation and design, and working in a segment of our industry that has little to no benchmark data

Topic #4: Buying a practice - Year 1 - What I would have done differently

Description: I discuss the disaster of a purchase transition I experienced and what I would have done differently in my first year of ownership and practice.

Topic #5: NEW! A psycologist's perspective on veterinary medicine and what we need to learn!

Description: My husband is a practicing therapist and psycologist focusing in trauma. He has a unique perspective on how veterinary medicine effects us mentally and emotionally as people and professionals. He has watched me learn about grief, struggle with my team, fight with myself and sweat to build a business. We hope to bring our combined lessons and perspectives to the table and help people avoid some of our struggles.

Speaker Fees: $1500.00 even with a 4 week minimum pre-schedule time. $2500.00 and a 6 week pre-schedule time for my husband and I to speak. KState. If interested, please contact separately. 


Phone: (860)-992-8735


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