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Hope Mills, NC

Get MotiVETed

Dr. Quincy Hawley graduated from NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from NC A&T State University. After graduating from veterinary school, he spent 5 years working for Banfield Pet Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. He now serves full-time as the co-founder of Get MotiVETed!

Over the years, he has developed a passion for improving leadership, wellbeing, and diversity in the veterinary profession. Putting action behind his desires, Dr. Hawley currently serves as the President of the NC Association of Minority Veterinarians, and he has become a leader in the veterinary wellbeing space.

Through Get MotiVETed, Dr. Hawley aims to help all members of the veterinary community to pursue personal development, mindfulness, and the highest levels of self-care to ensure they obtain and maintain personal and professional wellbeing. He has created a team of diverse individuals who are dedicated to making poor veterinary wellbeing a thing of the past, and his team works relentlessly and emphatically towards that end.

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Hawley recently released his first book titled, “The 7 Principles to a Guaranteed Body Transformation in 12 Months or Less,” and he is currently in the process of completing his second book.

Through speaking, coaching, and writing, Dr. Hawley aspires to help all members of the veterinary community to live their dreams.

Dr. Quincy Hawley

Topics #1: 7 Secrets to Well-Being for the Veterinary Professional: Keeping it Real

Description: Would you go into a dog spay without forceps, needle-holders, hemostats, suture, and a scalpel blade? Of course you wouldn’t! Why? In order to succeed at spaying a dog, you at least need the appropriate tools to perform your surgery. Along these same lines, it would be silly to go into a challenging profession such as veterinary medicine without being equipped with the proper toolbox to maintain your personal and professional wellbeing.


As you advance through your veterinary career, life will pose many unique challenges that are difficult to overcome. In addition, you will have to deal with the everyday challenges that all humans must deal with. Therefore, it is imperative that you know the 7 Secrets to Wellbeing for Veterinary Professionals! In this 50-minute breakthrough session, you can expect to learn a combination of 7 fail-proof principles, strategies, and tools (AKA secrets to wellbeing) that will ensure that you live a life of personal and professional wellbeing despite any combination of circumstances, conditions, life-events, or any other adversities you may face in life.


Each of the 7 Secrets could in and of themselves be full-day seminars, so expect this talk to be fast-paced, memorable, motivational, inspirational, empowering, and practical!

Topics #2: Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion for Business Success

Description: As a subject, diversity and inclusion tend to be the elephant in the room, and too frequently, talks on this subject live up to being awkward and unproductive. The truth is that we all play a role in diversity and inclusion, and we are all necessary parts of creating a culture and climate in which we can all thrive to our full potentials. In this 50-minute breakthrough session, Dr. Hawley removes all finger-pointing and blaming and makes this talk on how to achieve business success through diversity and inclusion both entertaining and effective! This is a new light on diversity that welcomes and embraces everyone in a comfortable way. Attendees can expect to leave this talk feeling well-informed on the true importance of diversity and inclusion. Attendees will leave feeling empowered and proud to be who they are as individuals. Lastly, attendees will leave feeling motivated to help other members of the veterinary profession and veterinary organizations reach their full potentials.


North Carolina is the only state with a minority veterinary medical association, and as the president of the association, Dr. Hawley is well studied in the topic of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Hawley understands that businesses and organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion will always outperform businesses and organizations that do not embrace diversity and inclusion. He has a burning desire to help businesses thrive, therefore, he has a passion for the subject of diversity and inclusion.

Topics #3: The Science of Being a Great Veterinary Leader: How to Awaken the Principle of Power Within

Description: What does it mean to be a great veterinary leader? Do you consider yourself a great leader? While there are many different thoughts on what makes a great leader, there is certainly a science to being great, and in this 50-minute breakthrough session, Dr. Quincy Hawley – a leader of 3 different professional associations – shares the keys to unlocking the principle of power within you. Any person can become a great leader, and by following certain universal principles you will infallibly become a great leader. Veterinary students are primed to be amazing leaders​, and it is our duty as veterinary professionals to discover the amazing leader within so that we may play our role in advancing the veterinary profession to greater completion. Attend this lecture to become empowered, informed, and inspired!

Speaker Fees

1 Hour Lecture – $500.00 (ideal for a lunch meeting)

Half-Day Mix and Match – Up to 3 hours of lecture and small group sessions - $1,000 (Example: Lunch meeting plus additional evening lecture/workshops).

Other – If you have another arrangement in mind, we can discuss and come up with an awesome plan! ​

*Travel expenses (Hotel, ground/air transportation, and meals) must be covered*


Phone: (919 ) 691 3694


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