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Dr. Tony Bartels

Denver, CO

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

Tony Bartels graduated in 2012 from the Colorado State University combined MBA/DVM program and is an employee of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) and VIN Foundation Board member. He and his wife, a small-animal internal medicine specialist practicing in Denver, have more than $400,000 in veterinary-school debt that they manage using federal income-driven repayment plans. By necessity (and now obsession), his professional activities include researching and speaking on veterinary-student debt, providing guidance to colleagues on loan-repayment strategies and contributing to VIN Foundation initiatives. Beyond debt, his professional interests include small- and exotic-animal practice.

Topic #1: Student loans and repayment strategies

Description: For those entering veterinary school in the Fall of 2017, the estimated total cost of attendance (tuition+fees+average living expenses) for four years ranges from $158,000 to $362,000 depending on your state of residency and school you attend. You can compare costs at schools you’re considering, by visiting While scholarships can help, most veterinarians finance their education through federal student loans. For those who borrow, interest accrues on the majority of veterinary school loans the moment they are received, which further increases educational costs. During the Climbing Mt. Debt sessions, we discuss a number of strategies that veterinary students can use to decrease their costs while in-school and be more prepared to enter loan repayment strategically. The earlier you start to consider your borrowing and repayment options, the less stressful student debt becomes and the more money you can save.

Topic #2: Veterinary Internship Economics

Description: A numerical overview and strategic analysis of the internship decision using published statistics and data on veterinary internships. We discuss the resources available to help veterinary students analyze the internship decision for their desired career path.

Speaker Fees: Suggested donation in the amount of $1,000 be made to VIN Foundation to help support the expansion of student debt resources which help all colleagues, especially students and recent graduates. Please know that a donation is not required for Dr. Bartels to come lecture. VIN and VIN Foundation are here to support students, new graduates, and all colleagues. There will be no additional costs for travel expenses. VIN will pay those. VIN would also be happy to provide pizza or a similar moderate food to encourage attendance for lectures.

Phone: 3126224108


Topics Covered

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